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week 22, 2022

##most downloaded torrent

movie torrents

The most torrented movies

Most downloaded movies via torrent sites

  • 1 Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore
  • 2 The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent
  • 3 Morbius
  • 4 The Batman
  • 5 Everything Everywhere All at Once
  • 6 Spiderhead
  • 7 The Northman
  • 8 Top Gun: Maverick
  • 9 Jerry and Marge Go Large
  • 10 Downton Abbey: A New Era


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2022-01-16 all about torrents trackers and more...

torrents so much to learn...


  • /r/trackers :star2: A subreddit for discussing public & private trackers.
  • A Simple Guide To A Better Ratio A good tracker requires you to upload what you download. This guide explains many of the methods involved with keeping on top of this sometimes difficult task.
  • Tracker Twitters List Of Private Torrent Trackers & BitTorrent News Accounts To Follow On Twitter
  • Bravo List Tracker directory

Private Trackers

  • AlphaRatio (AR) :star2: A good starter tracker with lots of freeleech content.
  • AnimeBytes (AB) community centralized around Japanese media, including anime, manga, and music
  • Audionews (AN) Private torrent tracker for music production audio. (DJ apps, audio editor, DAW apps, etc) Open signups on the 1st-2nd every month.
  • Awesome HD (AHD) Awesome-HD is a private tracker for quality enthusiasts.
  • BakaBT (BBT) a torrent tracker which specializes in serving anime fans
  • Bibliotik (BI) Popular ebooks/audiobooks private tracker
  • Bitspyder (BS) Bitspyder is an educational torrent site devoted to e-Learning content such as e-Books, video courses, and audiobooks.
  • Blutopia (BLU) Blutopia is a private tracker for HD movies and HD TV shows.
  • CGPeers (CGP) CGPeers is a private torrent tracker for all things computer graphics: tutorials, graphics software, 3D, visual effects, design, and computer-assisted art.
  • Filelist (FL) Large Romanian general tracker with mostly English content. No RAR files allowed. (Scene torrents are unrared, and then allowed.)
  • GazelleGames (GGn) Currently the largest private tracker for games.
  • HD4Free (HD4F) HD4Free is a general HD tracker with a good range of content. It is a ratioless tracker so it is great for beginners. Note that any adult content/porn is strictly prohibited there.
  • HD-Forever (HD-F) HD-Forever is a French private tracker for HD movies.
  • HD-Space (HDS) HD-Space is a private torrent tracker hosting HD movies, TV shows, and music torrents. Good tracker for beginners.
  • IPTorrents (IPT) Private tracker with movies, books, and more.
  • JPopsuki (JPop) JPopsuki is a torrent tracker focused on Asian music.
  • MyAnonaMouse (MAM) Private E-Learning tracker with about 360 000 torrents including audiobooks, e-learning, musicology, and radio.
  • MySpleen (MS) MySpleen is a private tracker which specialises in comedy, animation, and TV series.
  • Nostalgic Torrents (NT) Private tracker for anime, comics/manga, documentaries, movies, TV - PRE 2013, TV - PRE 2009 With Original Commercials, etc. Also known as The-Archive and HeyNow.
  • PassThePopcorn (PTP) ratio-based torrent tracker for movies
  • PolishTracker (PT) PolishTracker is the oldest private Polish tracker existing to this day
  • PolishSource (PS) PolishSource is a big private Polish ratio-less tracker
  • PrivateHD (PhD) PrivateHD is a private BitTorrent tracker focused on high definition movies and TV show torrents.
  • Redacted (RED) Largest private music tracker at 1.5 million torrents.
  • TheGeeks (TGBZ) Private tracker for e-learning
  • TorrentLeech (TL) Well-known popular private tracker
  • TVChaos UK (TVCUK) Private tracker for British television
  • UHDBits (UHD) UHDBits is a Vietnamese private torrent tracker focused on HD movies and TV shows.
  • WorldOfP2P (WOP) Private tracker for Movies, TV, and General.
  • /PTG tracker manifesto List of private trackers
  • 0QoLttS.jpg Screenshot of a table from somewhere of private trackers and their sign-up requirements
  • Private Tracker Flowchart V4 of the private tracker flowchart. Somewhat out of date.
  • Private trackers Guide on how to get into (and survive) the world of private trackers.
  • RED Interview Prep This site was written as a guide for potential users to learn about music formats, transcodes, torrenting, and burning and ripping — everything you need to know to pass the RED interview.
  • Tracker Spreadsheet Comprehensive spreadsheet of private trackers (somewhat out of date)


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Semi-Private Trackers

  • ruTracker :star2: RuTracker is a huge Russian torrent site with a thriving file-sharing community.
  • A Bulgarian tracker with English and Russian translations available.
  • ArenaBG A Bulgarian tracker with an English translation available.
  • NoNaMe Club Russian semi-private tracker and forum
  • MetalArea Russian (someplaces english) tracker for obscure metal and dungeon synth.

Public Trackers

  • 1337x 1337x is a torrent site that offers verified torrent downloads.
  • ETTV ETTV is a torrent site specific for movie torrents.
  • EZTV EZTV is a torrent site for TV shows founded by TV-torrent distribution group EZTV.
  • Isohunt2 Clone of the original isoHunt torrent index and repository
  • KickAss Torrents Community-made reincarnation launched in 2016
  • RARBG :star2: Public tracker with its own release group
  • YTS Small-size HD movies from YIFY
  • The Pirate Bay Infamous torrent site which is somehow still running, blocked in most places but can be accessed via numerous proxy sites
  • The Proxy Bay Can't access The Pirate Bay? Try one of these proxy sites.
  • Idope (Clone) iDope is a torrent search engine presenting direct magnet links, comments and up to date seeder/leecher statistics.
  • Torrentz2 A good replacement of the defunct other mirrors
  • Zooqle Zooqle is a relatively new torrent index providing a huge database of verified torrents.
  • rutor Russian tracker
  • GloTorrents Download Movies, TV, Games and Other Torrents Free
  • BTDB Large BitTorrent DHT search engine
  • BTDigg BTDigg is a popular BitTorrent DHT search engine.
  • trackerslist An updated list of public BitTorrent trackers
  • MagnetDL Magnet link only search engine
  • TorrentGalaxy Public tracker with a clean UI which now supports embedded streaming for internal uploads
  • Games4theworld Torrents and magnet links for games
  • Heavy metal music tracker
  • SkyTorrents Revival of the recently-shut-down, privacy-focused, ad-free torrent indexer
  • Pirateiro Pirateiro is a torrent index for Brazilian and Portuguese torrents.
  • TorrentKing Torrentking is a popular movie torrent site.
  • moviemagnet Verified torrents for movies.
  • Zonatorrent Spanish tracker
  • TorrentFunk TorrentFunk is a torrent site providing verified torrents for all kinds of content.
  • OTorrents Yet another public torrent tracker
  • Torlock Torlock is a torrent index and torrent search that helps to access the latest in TV series and movies.
  • DIGBT DIGBT is a DHT torrent search engine.
  • Torrent9 French torrent search engine
  • YggTorrent French tracker and search engine (have a download/upload ratio limitation)
  • WorldWide Torrents Another public tracker with a reasonably nice UI
  • Rock Box Metal music tracker
  • Music Torrent General music tracker
  • 7torrents Fast, clean, ad-free, privacy-focused DHT search engine


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Tracker Aggregators

  • snowfl snowfl is a torrent aggregator which searches various public torrent indexes in real-time
  • combines popular torrent sites and specialized private trackers in a torrent multisearch.
  • rats-search P2P Bittorrent search engine
  • AIO Search Torrent search engine
  • SolidTorrents :star2: A clean, privacy focused torrent search engine.

Tracker Proxies

  • Jackett API Support for your favorite torrent trackers.
  • Cardigann A proxy server for adding new indexers to Sonarr, SickRage, and other media managers
  • nzbhydra2 :star2: Primarily a Usenet metasearch engine but also supports Torznab

Tracker Invites

Torrent Clients

  • qBitTorrent Popular, lightweight, multi-platform torrent client
  • qBitTorrent search function Allows you to search popular trackers directly from qBittorrent
  • qBitTorrent plugins for public sites List of qBitTorrent plugins for searching public torrent sites.
  • Transmission Default torrent client in many distros.
  • Popcorn Time Popcorn Time is a multi-platform, free software BitTorrent client that includes an integrated media player.
  • Butter Project A legal fork of Popcorn Time which is configurable to allow for custom sources of video
  • BitLord Another BitTorrent streaming client
  • Tixati Lightweight torrent client for Windows and Linux
  • PicoTorrent A lightweight and minimalistic torrent client for Windows
  • FrostWire FrostWire is a Free and open-source BitTorrent client first released in September 2004, as a fork of LimeWire.
  • peerflix Streaming torrent client for node.js
  • RapidBay Rapid bay is a self-hosted video service/torrent client that makes playing videos from torrents easy.
  • Tornado Tornado is a modern web-first BitTorrent client designed with usability in mind. Based on Transmission.


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